Scaffolding in Brighton | Choosing the Right System

When you hire us to manage the delivery of scaffolding services in Brighton, you can rest assured that our scaffolding management team will recommend a perfect structure to complete any size of project. As one of the only scaffolding companies in the South East to use CAD’s SMART SCAFFOLDER design software, and with our own CISRS and IPAF qualified scaffolding erectors, we have the experience and the competency required to erect you any type of scaffolding structure.

Whether you’re carrying out a new build, a demolition or a refurbishment project in Brighton, our scaffolding contractors provide everything necessary to complete the project safely and efficiently.

Main Aspects of Scaffolding Structures

1. Scaffolding Design & Erection Procedures
Specialist scaffolding design and load calculations are drawn and prepared for many different construction projects falling outside of the TG20:13 compliance. Scaffolding companies are still advised to follow the SG4:15 erection procedure when planning any scaffolding system. This ensures site operatives, contractors and members of the public remain safe at all times. It is important to check wind loading factors before erecting any scaffolding structure, especially in coastal areas such as Brighton where there is a higher element of risk. Better design ensures a safer construction from our scaffolding erectors.
2. Gallows Brackets
If you are carrying out maintenance or refurbishment work in tightly populated areas of Brighton with many nearby properties, some neighbours will request their own buildings are kept clear of scaffolding. A gallows bracket system can be fixed to the wall hanging the scaffold without any components of the structure touching the areas below. When using our scaffolding services, you can be assured we have a solution for even the most challenging of requirements.
3. Independent Scaffolding
Scaffolding enables painters and decorators to carry out renovation work at height and to reach hard-to-access areas safely. Brighton clients can access each level of the property using multiple platforms. Window cleaners also commonly use these scaffolding services too.
4. Birdcage Scaffolding
Ceiling and plaster repairs at larger properties in Brighton benefit from birdcage scaffolding services because the structure is erected inside the building giving tradesmen one platform to work across. Many commercial clients request scaffolding contractors to provide them with birdcages to enable access for operatives to construct lift shafts and stairwells. Birdcages can also be used for crash decks during the construction of new builds to stop operatives falling into the building internally.
5. Cantilever Scaffolding
Cantilever scaffolding allows clients to work at Brighton properties with extended platforms over immovable objects and/or lower buildings. Our scaffolding erectors are adept at solving problems, and in providing a more stress-free experience for our customers.
6. Temporary Roofs
Professional scaffolding companies like our own use durable Tufcoat shrink wrap sheeting made from ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). With our vast experience, we ensure Shrinkwrap temporary roofs are securely installed and primed to withstand the impact of inclement weather until they are taken down.

Shrinkwrap sheeting provides the following benefits:

• Protects Brighton properties against dust and debris
• Offers privacy and a tidier appearance during construction
• Safeguards your workforce. Sheeting is tightly secured to platforms by our scaffolding erectors
• Wet weather protection, flame retardant and UV-resistant capabilities