Project Management from Scaffolding Contractors in Crawley

Domestic customers, construction firms and commercial clients in Crawley need scaffolding contractors and scaffolding services they can rely on. As one of the leading scaffolding companies to cover the Crawley area, Amphibian Scaffolding Ltd goes that extra mile to ensure all aspects of the project are completed safely. To help us achieve this, only competent, qualified scaffolding erectors deliver our scaffolding services.

All personnel on our team have the skills required to assemble, adapt, inspect and dismantle scaffolding structures of every kind.

Planning Process for Scaffolding Projects

1. Comprehensive Survey
Our scaffolding services include free advice and an initial quote for your project. The next step is to arrange a pre-start meeting at your Crawley property or site. We take the time to get to know our clients by discussing their project and ongoing works.
2. Risk Assessments
Scaffolding companies carry out a risk assessment to establish any hazards at your Crawley property or site. Issues such as immovable objects on the ground, power lines, ground conditions, neighbouring properties and public highways are also assessed.
3. Purpose of Project
Our scaffolding contractors use engineer’s drawings and SMART SCAFFOLDER design software so Crawley clients can visualise the scaffolding structure we suggest. We base the concept on the type of project, either building and construction work or renovation and restoration jobs. Whatever the purpose of the construction may be, our scaffolding erectors are trained to assemble bespoke structures that meet your requirements.
4. Scaffolding Hire Timeframes
Our scaffolding services are available for short-term and long-term hire anywhere in the Crawley area. Scaffolding companies like our own happily accommodate your needs if equipment is required for lengthier periods due to unforeseen circumstances. All scaffolding structures have to be inspected by trained scaffolding erectors every 7 days, until dismantled.
5. Maximum Workload
The total number of workmen and type of vehicle required is an important factor in tailoring our bespoke scaffolding services to suit your needs

Our Professional Scaffolding Contractors

The scaffolding erectors at Amphibian Scaffolding Ltd are accredited by the Scaffolding Association, Construction Line and the Construction Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS). These are the leading, industry-recognised organisations which scaffolding contractors work alongside to uphold their health and safety management obligations.

Crawley clients can expect our scaffolding contractors to enable safe scaffolding services following a complex design. We use computer-aided design software from CAD to create TG20:13 compliant designs.