Scaffolding Services in Reigate and Environmental Care

Located in Haywards Heath, Amphibian is one the region’s most trusted scaffolding companies and one that covers all parts of the South East area including Reigate. In an age where businesses have a growing responsibility to the environment, it’s good to know that the scaffolding erectors on our team do more to lower the impact of our carbon footprint today than at any other time in the past.

We deliver ethical scaffolding services in all areas around Reigate, and have trained scaffolding contractors on the payroll who care about the world we live in.

Our domestic and commercial scaffolding services meet current legislative standards through monitoring of operational procedures. And, like all reputable scaffolding companies, we also place a strong focus on site safety. Amphibian has its own environmental policy in place. This ensures our scaffolding erectors work responsibly, minimise disruption and reduce the potential for environmental damage.

Balance, Protection and Development

The delivery of our scaffolding services, and the impact of operations from other members of the construction industry, should never have an effect on the local environment in Reigate or at locations on a wider regional scale. It’s important that we help our scaffolding contractors to balance their work in a way that protects them, our domestic and commercial customers and, of course, the environments that they work in.

Very few scaffolding companies can match Amphibian for the upkeep and development of key business objectives that preserve the planet for our future generations.

The scaffolding erectors on our team receive training in the following areas:

• The reduction of emissions, pollution and waste
• The efficient utilisation of resources
• The ethical management and recycling of waste
• Adherence to current environmental legislation

We already know that there are very few scaffolding companies in the Reigate area with an ability to match our own environmental standards, our responsible outlook or our commitment to ethical scaffolding services delivered with pride, enthusiasm and professionalism – always with cost-effective pricing structures and packages designed around the needs of our customers and clients.

The scaffolding contractors at Amphibian also receive training in safe service delivery and turn up to sites in the Reigate area suitably equipped with the correct materials, safety accessories and PPE. We can even provide you or your contractors with toolbox talks on safe scaffolding use, thus helping you to protect workforces and the public from harm.