Scaffolding Companies in Uckfield | Choosing a Service Provider

No two scaffolding companies are the same so, when looking for a team of scaffolding erectors to work on a site in Uckfield, we strongly advise that you consider your options carefully. Amphibian Scaffolding Ltd, located in Haywards Heath, is a trusted supplier of scaffolding services to the South East region. We understand how easy it is to hire a company that struggles to match our own standards of excellence.

There are many factors to consider when choosing scaffolding contractors, and we urge you to put some careful thought into them all.


Make safety your priority and only consider scaffolding companies in the Uckfield area that provide the appropriate training for employees. The scaffolding erectors at Amphibian have CITB and CISRS accreditation, and our company has insurance in place to cover all possibilities, eventualities and liabilities – up to a total value of £10m.We have an exemplary record for site safety, and we work tirelessly to continually improve standards for the welfare of our personnel, the trade and the public.


A customer looking for a domestic scaffolding structure won’t need something as complex as a commercial client. This means the regulatory side of the job won’t be as extensive. Even so, scaffolding contractors should have an understanding in all construction types and an understanding of legislation to make the structure safe to use for individuals and workforces.

Amphibian is one of Uckfield’s most experienced scaffolding companies and one that always complies with current health, safety and environmental standards.

Permits and Inspections

Constructions of greater complexity, and those which are taller or built on an unusual surface, require a more detailed risk assessment and, quite possibly, a special permit. Always look at the scope of a company’s scaffolding services and find out how they go about evaluating potential risks if you need a structure that the industry regards as specialist.Find out too if the company’s scaffolding erectors return to projects in Uckfield to inspect the construction at regular intervals. This should be a mandatory part of the service.


Scaffolding companies should provide their personnel with adequate training and, as an absolute minimum, you should only hire scaffolding contractors with CITB and CISRS accreditation. It is unsafe to use the services of a company that uses undertrained, unqualified persons who don’t have authority to build scaffolding constructions.Prospective customers and clients from Uckfield can have confidence in our scaffolding services because Amphibian continually invests into team and individual training.


There is no substitute for experience. This is particularly true of any project in the Uckfield area that has uneven ground or sits in an area with access difficulties. The best scaffolding erectors have experience in challenging constructions whereas those with just the basic skills only have the knowledge to build simple towers that might not suit your job.

Always look for scaffolding companies with experience in domestic and commercial work, and only use their scaffolding services if you feel confident in their abilities.